Sexy Holiday Pickup Lines That Will Get Your Jingle Bells Jingling

Though the holidays are most often spent being low-key with family and friends, singles are hornier than ever. Whether it's because of the cold weather and people are craving a cuddle sesh or because their Aunt Mary won't stop asking questions about when they'll bring around a "special someone," December may just be the thirstiest time of the year. Fortunately, with it being cuffing season and all, dating apps are piping hot.

But messaging first on a dating app or sliding into your crush's Instagram DMs isn't always so simple. It requires more than just a "hi" or heart-eyes emoji if you want a response. Not only do you want the message to be both flirty and friendly, but you also want it to show off your personality. And what better way to do that than by sending a sexy, holiday-themed pickup line?

If you need some ideas for what to send to a Tinder match or maybe what to say to the person you've been eyeing at your local hometown bar, all the inspo you need is right here.

  1. I'm interested in making tomorrow a not-so-silent-night. You in?
  2. Reese's Trees aren't the only thing I would love to satisfy me this holiday season.
  3. Let me know where you'll be in the next five minutes, and I'll place the mistletoe.
  4. Aren't angels like you supposed to be on top of the tree?
  5. Light me up like you do for that menorah, baby.
  6. Are you Santa? Because I wouldn't mind you handling my package.
  7. How is it possible you made it on the naughty and nice list this year?
  8. I want to unwrap you like a present.
  9. I think we could have a whole latke at my place tomorrow.
  10. Are you an elf on the shelf? Because I want to put you in all different positions this month.
  11. Is that a candy cane in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
  12. I don't want presents to be the only thing getting laid under the fireplace.
  13. *Adds you to the top of my wish list*
  14. Does Santa have a picture of you already? I want him to know what I want for Christmas this year.
  15. Can you be my Santa baby this year? I promise I've been extra sweet.
  16. You make my heart melt so much, you'd think I was a snowman.
  17. Instead of 12 days of Christmas, how about we try 12 days of orgasms?
  18. Hanukkah comes once a year. How often do you want to?
  19. Your ugly Christmas sweater may be too ugly. Should we just take it off instead?
  20. Are you staying the night? I'll have milk and cookies tomorrow morning.
  21. Lose the sleigh, ride me instead.
  22. How is it possible you're hotter than this hot chocolate in my hand?
  23. You're like a menorah's candles. Somehow, you get hotter every time I see you.
  24. You don't look like the green monster from Whoville, yet you're somehow stealing my heart this year.
  25. Don't make me fall in love again if you won't be here this year.
  26. My jingle bells are happy to see you.