This Couple Got Married by Candlelight During the NYC Blackout, and It Looked SO Romantic

I've got a great story from the Great New York City Blackout of 2019.
This couple was getting married at The Plaza. The lights went out during the wedding. They said their vows in the dark. No food; just candles.
But they made the best of the situation and danced the night away.

— Emma G. Fitzsimmons (@emmagf) July 14, 2019

Nothing could stop Amy Rosenthal and Craig Silverstein from enjoying their wedding at New York City's famed Plaza Hotel — not even a massive power outage. The now-viral couple was in the midst of their nuptials on July 13 when a blackout struck parts of Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side.

Just as Amy finished walking down the aisle toward her soon-to-be husband, the lights went out, blanketing the room in darkness. "A lot of people thought it was on purpose, like some kind of mood-lighting situation," the bride's brother, Justin Rosenthal, told The New York Times. "You know how like at concerts people pull out their cellphones? That's what happened."

With light provided by the wedding guests' smartphones and the photographer's light stand, the ceremony went on as planned and the couple exchanged vows. Later on that evening at the reception, the ballroom was illuminated solely by candles, making for quite the romantic ambience. The 12-piece band improvised, only using instruments that didn't require power, such as a trumpet and violin, and singing sans a microphone as guests danced the night away.

"It was unbelievable," Amy told The New York Times. "Everyone stepped up and were doing everything in their power to make the night a special one." Talk about making the most of a potentially disastrous wedding-day hiccup! Is it just me or would this make for a sweet rom-com movie plot?

The story behind the story:
My best friend from high school was live-texting me from the wedding after the lights went out.
Her: The ballroom is lit only by candles.
Me: That's sort of romantic?

— Emma G. Fitzsimmons (@emmagf) July 15, 2019