7 Types of Kisses and What They Reveal About How Your Partner Feels About You

There's nothing like a steamy, deep kiss, right? It's pretty easy to figure out whether a kiss is good or bad based on the chemistry you have, but it's not just about finding that passionate lip lock. There are a few other types of kisses that deserve some recognition and can pop up during a relationship. All of these kisses are special in their own ways, and they all hold distinct meanings. Here's how your partner might feel about you based on each one.

1. On the Forehead

"A forehead kiss shows your partner has a real emotional connection and thinks you're attractive and cute at the same time," David Bennett, a relationship counselor, tells POPSUGAR. "I consider a lot of forehead kisses to be a sign the relationship is genuine." Candice Smith, sex educator and cofounder of The KinkKit, added that it's also a way to show protectiveness and supportiveness. This kiss is more associated with emotional feelings than sexual intimacy.

2. On the Stomach

"A stomach kiss shows that your partner feels very comfortable and close to you, and is also sexually attracted to you, since kissing in the stomach area not only requires a lot of familiarity, but is getting pretty close to intimate areas," said Bennett. Someone who is just in it for a fling isn't likely going to pull out this kissing technique.

3. On the Neck

The neck is a very sensitive and vulnerable area (the carotid artery runs down it). "If they're kissing you on the neck, they're trying to tempt and tantalize, and they're asking you to show your vulnerability," explained Bennett. It's also a lusty, highly sexual spot, so it means your partner probably wants to rip your clothes off ASAP. It's purpose is to arouse you, added Smith, so it'll often be used during foreplay.

4. On the Cheek

You might be in the friend zone. "If you're getting exclusively cheek kisses, I would suspect they aren't that sexually or romantically into you," said Bennett. Cheek kisses combined with other types of kissing can be cute, though. "I would consider a peck the same way," he said. Smith added that it's more of a restrained kiss, saying, "Depending on the situation, it could mean that your partner has other things on their mind besides physical intimacy, or that you are in public."

5. All Over Your Body

This partner is super, super into you romantically. "Whole body kissing shows that your partner is sexually interested in you and very attracted," said Bennett. A full-body kiss, or kisses from head to toe, demonstrates an unbridled, passionate love with a real partner who fell for you hard. "Your partner wants to be deeply intimate with you, and is quite content to spend time familiarizing themselves with every inch of your skin," said Smith.

6. A Deep, Passionate Kiss

You know those steamy, sensual make out sessions in movies? That's intensity, strong chemistry, and devotion. This type of kiss just flows well. "Deep kissing a great sign that your partner is really into you, at least sexually and romantically," Bennett continued. "It's easy to fake interest with a peck on the cheek. Very few people will deep kiss someone they can't stand." Smith added: "This kind of kiss indicates a passionate intimacy that is difficult to fake, as it requires losing yourselves in the moment."

7. A Slobbery Kiss

Yikes. You know the kiss when someone is practically eating your face? Well, it could mean they just want to have sex with you (without real emotion) or that they're just plain bad at kissing. "An extra-slobbery kiss could mean that your partner needs a little kiss practice," said Smith. But perhaps they can learn?