Not Wanting to Delay Their Special Day, These Brides Instead Got Married at a Drive-In Theater

Greg Fulks

Amid movie theater closures and early on-demand releases, many have contemplated the newfound convenience of drive-in theaters. During a time of social distancing, can these retro arenas offer a new solution? As it turns out, they can offer so much more.

Bri and Lindsey Leaverton were set to get married in Austin on April 10, but, like many other couples, they were forced to postpone due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The day before what would have been their wedding, a family member tested positive for the virus, so Bri and Lindsey decided to not delay their nuptials any longer. In an interview with local news station KVUE, Lindsey said they realized, "We're not promised tomorrow and we don't want to wait." Said family member has thankfully since tested negative, but the news was a wake-up call nonetheless.

That's when the couple crafted a new plan: getting married at Doc's Drive-In Theater, surrounded by 90 parked cars carrying their wedding guests. Only a few people, including their officiant and Lindsey's twin daughters, were physically present for the ceremony, but a live stream made it so that the special milestone could be projected onto the theater's screens, and those at home were also able to tune in. "It allowed us to invite more people to our other wedding that we had planned," Bri said.

"We witnessed the truth behind the famous saying 'Love wins.'"

Of course, the day wasn't without its difficult moments. "There was a moment when I saw my parents in their car, I completely got choked up overwhelmed with emotion . . . I loved that they were there, but it killed me not being able to embrace them," Lindsey said. Even so, Lindsey added, "I think we made some really sweet lemonade, out of some really rotten lemons." In a touching post shared to their joint Instagram account the day after their wedding, Bri and Lindsey wrote, "Last night was nothing short of memorable, profound, and historic. We witnessed the truth behind the famous saying 'Love wins.'" The caption continued, "Love is the most powerful force on the planet. And there's no way we could've planned this pop up wedding in 17 days without our beloved vendors, partners, family and friends."

Enjoy photos from Bri and Lindsey's socially distanced, but utterly beautiful drive-in wedding ahead.