An Inflatable Shotski Exists, and Your Ski Trips Will Never Be the Same

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Gone are the days of lounging around the pool on our trendy-slash-adorable-slash-Instagrammable floats, but have no fear, inflatable enthusiasts, because Funboy is back with a whole slew of Winter products and we're officially ready for some snow. The brand that brought us our beloved pool floats has dabbled in the cool-weather category, introducing us to a new obsession: the inflatable shotski. The product that's typically found in popular bars (or my off-campus college house) is now hitting the slopes in an inflatable version equipped with four plastic shot glasses perfectly sized for the float.

The best part is, while it might be 6 feet long, when deflated, it fits right inside your pocket, and the brand promises it inflates in just a few breaths. For just $19, you can pack up the Funboy ShotSki for the second you hop off the chairlift and want a mid-mountain drink — or just keep it on you for when you and your friends feel the urge. Read on to shop the genius shotski and see photos of it in action.

More Photos of the Funboy ShotSki

More Photos of the Funboy ShotSki