5 Magic Features We Wish Dating Apps Would Have

POPSUGAR Photography | Mark Popovich
POPSUGAR Photography | Mark Popovich

Dating apps have totally transformed the way we meet people. Over drinks last week, a group of friends agreed they would much rather meet a guy on a dating app versus in a bar. It's faster, it's less creepy, and there's more information available. Dating apps give us enough basic information about a person to start forming positive (or negative) judgments. It's nothing we couldn't have found on Google, but it's just a lot easier to have it delivered up in one place.

Although they've totally changed the way we connect to one another, I think dating apps could up their game even more . . . give the experience a bit more sparkle. After all, we visit these apps every day, trust them to help us romantically, and pump them full of our private information. Shouldn't they be optimized for our enjoyment and success? So listen up, the lot of you! Here are some imaginary features I dreamt up that would really take the dating app experience to the next level. (I expect to see them all in the next app update . . . )

1. Bump Feature

This one is more than obvious! How many times have you gotten a match on a dating app that you just know your friend would like more than you? Whether it's looks (I have a friend who loves surfer-looking dudes, for example), hobbies, or beyond, there are some profiles that immediately make you think of a friend. Say I match with a lovely-looking surfer dude. This feature would allow me to send the match to my friend rather than just swiping left. One gal's swipe left is another gal's swipe right! Messaging someone you just matched with "Can I give you my friend's number?" is rarely well received (and yes, I have obviously tried). Imagine how much good dating karma would come your way if you passed on a dude you knew a friend would click with more.

2. Fact Checker and Lie Detector

It's human nature to want to put your best foot forward on a dating app, but sometimes people take it too far. They flat out lie — from over-edited pictures, to hobbies, to jobs, and, the most common one, height! PSA: if you put that you are 6'2", we will notice when you turn out to be 5'6". This feature would scan a person's profile for lies and highlight them. For example, if a person put "I love running" on their profile, this feature would highlight it in red and translate it to reality, read: "I went running one time."

3. Yelp Reviews

I refuse to go to a restaurant or new nail salon before skimming Yelp reviews; why should dates be any different? This feature would hold people accountable for at least being polite and courteous on dates. You would tap on the picture, and it would flip over to display the most recent three reviews. For example, the reviews could warn you against bad breath, cheapskates, and people who just can't pull a sentence together. Imaginary review: "WARNING: do not go on a date with this guy. He's completely self-absorbed, and he talked about himself for the entire two hours. On top of that, he didn't even pay for my drink! Two stars!"

4. Back Burner Hold

This feature would hold a match for the future. Don't roll your eyes — we've all been there. Maybe you're going on vacation, you're really busy at work, or you've recently started seeing someone casually, but you don't know where it's going. This feature would put a match you liked the looks of on the back burner for you until you were ready to give it a go. Hey, isn't that what they mean by optimization?

5. Crossover Heads Up

The world is a small place these days. Although most dating apps let you know what mutual Facebook friends you have in common, they don't give you the backstory. This magical feature would give you the dirt. Example: "Alright, this guy went out with your co-worker Angela's sister for about a year. It didn't end well. Angela hates him. Also, he's second cousins with your landlord." BOOM!