Warning: You May Get Heart Palpitations After Checking Out This Sexy Brazilian Doctor

You might want to grab some Windex because we just found a sexy hunk who's about to fog up your screen with his steamy good looks. Meet Gabriel Prado — er, Dr. Gabriel Prado, that is. He's a Brazilian neurologist with a blindingly bright smile and abs that could grate an entire wheel of cheese. We usually hate visiting the doctor, but we'd be more than willing to book monthly weekly appointments if this dreamboat was our healthcare provider. If you're in need of an eye-candy-filled break from life, read on to scope out 21 heart-palpitation-inducing pictures Gabriel has shared with his loads of Instagram followers.

I'm MORE than ready for my appointment, Dr. Prado.

Just look at that smile, guys.

Aww, I believe in good people, too. We have so much in common!

SOS: I've been blinded by his pearly whites.

Lookin' like a SNACK.

What a view! Oh, and I guess the Coliseum is nice to look at, too

I think when TLC sang "No Scrubs," they were talking about ripping off Gabriel's work uniform, TBH.

He surfs . . . because of course he does.

Abs on abs on abs.

I have no words.

Yo, Gabe, can I get a sip of that water? I'm feelin' a tad thirsty.

Check my pulse, please and thanks.

OMG, please don't fall, babe. We haven't even gotten married yet!

Looks like he's carrying a lot in that backpack . . . and in other places, too, if you know what I mean.

He goes to neurological conferences in his free time, guys.

[insert witty joke about wanting to climb him like a rock-climbing wall]

Ugh, that jawline though. It rivals Channing Tatum's, honestly.

He's truly mastered the art of the sexy man selfie.