Tips For Getting Through Mercury Retrograde — It's Real and Really Annoying

POPSUGAR Photography
POPSUGAR Photography

You wake up an hour late because you unknowingly slept through your alarm. You leave for work, then get caught in traffic for what feels like an eternity. You ask your boyfriend to grab you a mocha, only for him to come back with a cappuccino in hand. If you can identify with this irritating saga of scenarios, you're not alone (hopefully solidarity makes you feel better). But, who's the real culprit? What gives?

You can blame it on Mercury being in retrograde. When someone first said that to me, I responded with, "Damn you, Mercury retrograde! . . . What does that even mean, though?"

According to, this is the basic breakdown: Three to four times a year, Mercury slows down its orbit, which causes the illusion for us earthlings that the planet is moving backward. And that, my friends, is what throws everything so off-kilter. Things are off in the universe, which means things are off and spiraling into chaos in our own lives. This year, things are set to go back to normal come Feb. 11, 2015, but if you want to take matters into your own hands and tell Mercury that you're done with its sh*t, here are our tips.

  1. Your main goal is simply to be extraprepared for disaster, especially when it comes to technology and communication with others.
  2. Set multiple alarms.
  3. Don't have important conversations with your loved ones or co-workers over text. Things are bound to get lost in communication.
  4. Leave early to get to work in the morning; don't rely on trains to be on time or for traffic to be a nonissue. Now might be the perfect time to start carpooling with your friends or partner.
  5. Go on an online dating hiatus (for the time being)! With Mercury retrograde in town, there probably aren't any healthy or wholesome prospects out there on the World Wide Web of love.
  6. Be careful and thoughtful about what you post on your social media channels during this time. It's more likely for others to misinterpret your intent or tone, which can easily stir up unnecessary conflict.
  7. If you're in a long-distance relationship, spend extra time being patient with one another and keeping the lines of communication clear. Be mindful not to jump to conclusions or read too much into what is said over the phone. Don't make any rash decisions either.