10 Things a Man Who Loves You Will Always Do

If he loves you, there are certain things he will always do. Period. End of sentence. And if he doesn't, you have to wonder if he loves you or just lusts after you . . . or, perhaps, simply just doesn't want to be alone or wants someone to control. Real, healthy love has trademarks. These are some of the signs that your man is legit and in love with you, from head to toe.

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He'll take the time to address issues face to face — not hide behind text messages. He knows it's important to talk stuff out.

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When life hands you obstacles, he's there to support you and offer strategy. He picks up pieces and puts them together with you.

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He knows the good, bad, and ugly about you, but he still loves you. He doesn't point out your flaws critically; he accepts you.

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Even though he needs alone time and friend time, he cherishes the time you two spend together, and he craves it . . . even years later.

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You'll have bad times, bad moments, and more than just bad hair days. Despite all this, he goes the distance. You're not a fling to him.

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He celebrates with you. Not only does he celebrate, but he plans the "party." With your every success, he is so proud of you.

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If he always listens to you, he loves you, 100 percent.

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The man who pushes you to be better and is honest with you is one who loves you and wants to see you shine.

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The man who loves you will always work to better himself, to be the best man he can possibly be for himself and for you.