5 Single Traits to Relearn After a Breakup

POPSUGAR Photography | Macy Williams
POPSUGAR Photography | Macy Williams

When you are in a long-term, serious relationship, you train yourself to behave a certain way — you're always in couple mode. So when the relationship ends, you have to relearn how to be single again. Things like flirting and giving off that "I'm available" vibe are no longer instinctual. To help you out, here are some of the solo behaviors that are tricky to pull off when you're getting back into the dating game. Now's the time to step up your single woman A game.

1. Turning that frown upside down.

Do you walk around with a face that says, "I'm in a relationship, so don't even think about it"? It might take daily reminders to keep smiling after a rough breakup. One trick is to listen to upbeat tunes on your iPhone. Bonus: it improves your mood from the outside in!

2. Saying yes.

When you have a significant other, you may be used to turning down happy hours and girls' nights out in favor of cuddling with your honey at home or date nights. Retrain yourself to start accepting those invites! You're not going to meet a rebound in your living room.

3. Keeping your eyes on the prize(s).

Whether you're on the bus, in your office elevator, or out with girlfriends, you just never know when or where you might meet someone, so keep your head up and make eye contact. When you're paired up, you might have made it a habit to stare straight ahead or down at the ground so as not to encourage prospects. Well, times have changed! So keep those peepers peeled.

4. Flaunting what you got.

Being in a couple is comfortable, and it may show in your clothing and makeup choices. Now that you're back in action, it's amazing what some liquid eyeliner, sexy pumps, and shaving your legs can do for your self-confidence.

5. Knowing when someone is interested.

When you're in a long-term relationship, you tend to lose your "someone is hitting on you" radar — "What, them? No, they're just a friend." Being single again means sharpening those skills, and encouraging someone who's staring at you from the across the room with a smile and a "Hi."

How about you? Any other single characteristics you had a hard time relearning after a breakup?