This Humans of New York Story Went From Heartwarming to Heartbreaking in 2 Seconds Flat

Humans of New York has a way of speaking to our soul, but one recent post is making us ugly-cry like we never have before. The three-part feature went from heartwarming to heartbreaking faster than we could run to the tissue box. It takes us through the beautiful love story of an elderly couple who met in their teens and had a simple yet affectionate courtship. "I can't tell you when we fell in love. I can't even tell you when I asked her to marry me. It was just natural," the man said in the post.

Their story takes a sad turn when the man describes how he noted behavioral changes in his wife on their 50th wedding anniversary. The culprit? Dementia. From then on, her memory worsened, impacting her ability to play the piano like she used to. But the loving husband has taken it in stride, bringing "in sickness and in health" to a whole new level. "She has served this family her entire life. And now it's my turn to serve her. I might not have her mentally. But I have her. I can still make her smile," he said.

Keep reading for the heart-wrenching yet inspiring story, but we suggest grabbing some Kleenex first.