Warning: Jake Owen's Hotness May Cause Spontaneous Combustion

You might need to look away — this is going to be a lot to take in. This weekend, Jake Owen made his debut at the Stagecoach country music festival in Indio, CA, and let's just say it wasn't just the high desert temps causing the flushed faces and fanning in the audience. Jake is no newcomer to the country music world, but he did just chop off his signature shoulder-length locks — giving us all a better look at his piercing green eyes and megawatt smile — and from the sounds of the women surrounding me at the concert, he made a lot of new fans last night. In fact, as the wind picked up — strategically revealing a peek at his abs during the set — I feared there might be mass hysteria in the crowd. Real comments included, but were not limited to: "My ovaries just exploded," "All the smiles! It's too much!" "Oh, my God, he's so hot," "Wow, just, wow," "He can't be human; is he an alien? More like an angel." But enough foreplay — see the photos for yourself, and try to hold it together.