This Sexy American Ballet Theatre Dancer Is the Total Package

James Whiteside does it all. Also known as JBDUBS (or Ühu, his drag queen alter ego), he is a choreographer, writer, singer, rapper, and principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. This guy is the total package and isn't afraid to speak his mind. So what does James find sexy? "Aside from being physically attractive, sexiness comes from one's personal demeanor or attitude," he said. "I find confidence and genuineness incredibly sexy." We couldn't agree more. Bad news, everyone — he's taken. The artist is an item with Dan Donigan (aka Milk).

Even though James is off the market, we are totally appreciating the incredibly suave photos of him both on and off the stage. "I love to dance because I love music," he said. "I don't always love what I'm dancing, which can be challenging, but the majority of the time, I love what I do. I love to create, whether it be a character in a classical ballet, a bit of choreography for a music video, or a dance for some drag queen friends. Dance is everywhere in my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way." James feels the sexiest when dancing with another man. "I've had to dance with men I'm attracted to, and sexual chemistry comes into play," he said. "It adds an interesting layer to the performance, not to mention it's fun." Make sure to check out all the dressed-up and stripped-down photos of James in his element.

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