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How to Take the Kink Test on TikTok

This "Kink Test" Is Going Around on TikTok, and Apparently, I'm 95% Submissive


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If you enjoyed taking TikTok's color-personality test, just wait until you try this new "kink test" that's going around. Officially known as the BDSM test, this kink test will tell you just how daring you are in the bedroom. (I found out I'm more submissive than anything). To take the test, you have to head on over to, where you'll be prompted with some general questions about gender, age, sexual orientation, and scope (meaning they'll skip certain questions depending on your comfortability). There's both a long and short version, and I opted for short (which felt very long). The test in total probably took 10 minutes, and at the end, you're told what percentage of each category you are (i.e. submissive, vanilla, rope bunny, masochist . . . etc).

I do have to say, I learned a lot from this test. Mainly about sex terminology like "rope bunny" or "brat tamer," which admittedly, I had never heard of before. My top 10 results ended up showing insight into how "naughty" or "vanilla" I am, and as someone who loves to learn about themselves, I found it pretty interesting! Give this kink test a try for yourself, and if you're feeling up for it, share your results on TikTok!


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