What This Little Girl Wrote About Heroines Will Melt Your Heart

This girl knows what's up. Twitter user MykeCole shared this photo of his niece Mia's scrapbook, where she listed out the lessons she's learned from film and literary heroines — and it's pretty adorable.

My niece showed me her scrap book. This entry made my heart grow three sizes. Made of hope. pic.twitter.com/I9phjItxCG

— Myke Lump-of-Coal (@MykeCole) December 16, 2014

Here's what she wrote (with the books/films they're from):

  • "Katniss taught me to survive." — The Hunger Games
  • "Hermione taught me to reason." — Harry Potter
  • "Tris taught me to be brave." — Divergent
  • "Hazel taught me to hope." — The Fault in Our Stars
  • "Éowyn taught me to fight." — Lord of the Rings
  • "Merida taught me to fight for what I believe in." — Brave

Myke, a novelist himself, also added: "I have a rule with her: she asks and I drop whatever I'm doing and buy her any book she wants." Love that. This story is yet another poignant reminder why strong female heroines — in books and in film — are so important and why reading, period, is essential to the success of the next generation. You go, Mia. Hermione would approve.

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