13 Memes About Dating That Hilariously Capture What It's Truly Like

For those of us not in relationships, dating can be a horribly repetitive cycle of no after no after no. But there's no better way to face the miseries of dating than with some humor! Brandy Jensen asked her Twitter followers which meme best describes their dating life and hilarity ensued. Whether you've fully embraced your serial dating ways or you roll your eyes at the mere thought of having to go on another date, read on for 13 memes that will make you laugh.

When it doesn't matter what the odds are.

When you need to provide written proof that you have a soul.

Yeah . . . No.

When the pain is real.

When the emotional wall you put up is stronger than Donald Trump's.

When all you do is win, win, win no matter what.

When you have nothing to lose, so YOLO.

When you know this is definitely not fine.

When they ask what you bring to the table.

When you're pretty much done.