1 Blogger Boldly Sets Out to Crush the Stigma Surrounding Nudity

Blogger Jessa O'Brien is on a mission. Her goal is to normalize nudity and promote acceptance and body positivity on social media. To do that, she shares numerous photos of herself frolicking on the beach on her recently reinstated Instagram account. Several weeks ago, her account was abruptly taken down for presumably breaking Instagram's rules on nudity, which state you can't share any photos of "sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks." But Jessa is out to fight that.

Jessa's photos aren't sexual in nature at all. Period. She shares artfully shot images of herself and sometimes her friends, and zero of them are anything I would consider explicit. She fought against Instagram for weeks after her account was removed and made her voice heard. "With our collective effort and genuine interest in the matter of body positivity and naturism, I know we will make a difference, raise awareness, and help to change perceptions on nudity for the better," she wrote on her blog on Aug. 23 right after her account was reinstated.

She went on to say she will continue to fight against the stigma surrounding nudity and continue to spread body positivity. She thanked Instagram for bringing her account back before ending with a very bold wish to "start a damn revolution." You go, girl.