We'll Never Stop Shipping Prince Harry and Pippa

We've all wondered why Prince William's and Kate Middleton's single siblings Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton haven't paired up yet, and thanks to OK! Magazine, we have more dating rumors to fuel our fantasies. The magazine reports that they're "very much in love" and that during the royal wedding reception, Kate found them "snoggin in the bathroom." Juicy! It's Prince Harry and Emma Watson all over again. Let's just say, we're a bit skeptical about this relationship.

Until their romance becomes an actual reality, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton look-alikes took matters into their own hands by imagining if Harry and Pippa were dating. The London date may be pretend, but we're still not giving up on the real couple. See this pair of impersonators play out our "what if?" fantasies of Harry and Pippa in love now!