This Couple Took Sweet Engagement Photos at Publix — Yes, Where Shopping Is a Pleasure

There's a lot to love about Publix: the soft-baked cookies, organized aisles, and, of course, legendary subs. For two employees, however, Publix can also be partly credited for their forthcoming wedding.

Alexandra Darch and Dylan Smith met at a Publix in Lakeland, FL, where she was working as a cashier and he in the grocery department. Not long after, Alexandra started taking on shifts that overlapped with Dylan's schedule. Eventually the two started dating, and they have plans to marry early next year. For their engagement photo shoot, Alexandra and Dylan knew just the place.

In the sweet photos shot by Jennifer Goodlet, the fiancés ride around in shopping carts, kiss by the cash register, and share some of those aforementioned cookies. (Seriously — they're amazing.) It should come as no surprise that Alexandra and Dylan already know their wedding cake will be from Publix.