2017's Romance Movies Are Sultry, Charming, and Everything in Between

This is going to be an amazing year for love-filled films. From scandalous dramas to lighthearted comedies, the coming months have all kinds of movies that will capture your attention. We rounded up the best movie trailers so you could view them all in one place. Sit back and enjoy!

— Additional reporting by Nicole Yi

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Fifty Shades Darker

Christian and Ana are reunited for this steamy sequel, and their chemistry is hotter than ever. There are lots of juicy developments in this installment of the movie series, including a woman stalking Christian and a new boss getting personal with Ana.

Out Feb. 10

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Everybody Loves Somebody

Clara has a great career and a beautiful home, but love is missing in her life. She asks her co-worker to pretend to be her boyfriend for a wedding in Mexico, but she also runs into her ex-boyfriend. Things get very complicated.

Out Feb. 14

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Tulip Fever

In 17th century Amsterdam, an artist falls in love with a married woman while painting a portrait of her with her husband. The film has an amazing cast including Alicia Vikander, Christoph Waltz, Dane Dehaan, Judi Dench, Zach Galifianakis, and Cara Delevingne.

Out Feb. 24

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Table 19

We can't wait to get a good laugh for this romantic comedy starring Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, June Squibb, and Stephen Merchant. Kendrick plays a wedding guest who was just dumped by the bride's brother. Her night turns out much differently than she expects.

Out March 3

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Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson is playing Belle in the live action version of this Disney classic. Watch the Beast, Gaston, and all of your favorite characters reinterpreted for this much-anticipated film.

Out March 17

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Lady Macbeth

Set in the 19th century, a young woman is forced to marry a much older man. She begins an affair with another man and chaos ensues.

Out June 2

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My Cousin Rachel

Philip blames his cousin's suspicious death on his missing wife, Rachel, and vows to avenge him. But when Philip meets Rachel face to face for the first time, he unexpectedly falls for her charm. Little does he know that the more his infatuation deepens, the closer Rachel is to claiming her late husband's estate.

Out June 9

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The Big Sick

Kumail, a Pakistani stand-up comic, meets an American grad student named Emily, whom his traditional Muslim parents do not approve of. When Emily is suddenly put in a medically induced coma, Kumail realizes what's most important to him, all while developing a close relationship with her parents.

Out June 23

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A Ghost Story

Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck star as a passionate young couple who are suddenly separated by death. In this story about an infinite love, a white-sheeted ghost returns to his home to try to reconnect with his wife.

Out July 7

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Home Again

Reese Witherspoon plays a recently separated mother of two who tries to start over in Los Angeles. Three young, attractive guys — one who whom she's dating — move into her guesthouse, but things get messy when her husband wants to come back.

Out Sept. 8

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The Mountain Between Us

A plane crash leaves two strangers (Kate Winslet and Idris Elba) stranded on a remote snow-covered mountain. Their fight to survive the harsh conditions brings them together in more ways than one.

Out Oct. 6

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Same Kind of Different as Me

An international art dealer must befriend a homeless man in order to save his marriage to his wife, which puts all three of them on a life-changing journey.

Out Oct. 20

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Forever My Girl

Country music superstar Liam Page chose fame over his fiancée, Josie, but never forgot about his one true love or his Southern roots. When he has to return to his hometown for his best friend's funeral, he's forced to face what he left behind.

Out Oct. 27