42 of the Most Romantic Date Ideas Ever

It's never a bad time to plan an over-the-top date night with your partner, but if you need some romantic date ideas as inspo, that's where we've come in. Whether you're looking to enjoy a romantic date night idea for your anniversary or a random Saturday night, there are lots of options — and no, we're not just talking candlelit dinners. We mean really romantic dates that will bring you closer whether you hang out in the morning, afternoon, or night. From opportunities to splurge to cheap date ideas that don't break the bank, these are the cutest romantic date ideas that every couple should try at least once in their lifetimes. Ahead, check out these ideas that hit "The Notebook" status. Time to break out the bubbly!

Additional reporting by Lisette Mejia and Taylor Andrews

Romantic Date Ideas For Adventurous Couples
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Romantic Date Ideas For Adventurous Couples

    • Ride in a hot air balloon. If you're looking for a romantic date night idea to top all date nights, a ride in a hot air balloon will meet all your needs. From phenomenal views to dinner in the sky, enjoy an exhilarating time to mix things up in your relationship.
    • Hold each other tightly on a roller coaster. Whether it's at a local theme park or seasonal fair, taking a spin (or drop) together on an exciting ride can be a sensual experience.
    • Go skydiving. If you love adrenaline, take a dive from a helicopter, and enjoy the views together. There's nothing like a thrilling experience to bond you and a romantic partner (just look at "The Bachelor"!).
    Romantic Date Ideas For Couples Who Love to Cook
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    Romantic Date Ideas For Couples Who Love to Cook

      • Spend a night baking desserts. Whether it's a special occasion or you're just in the mood for sweets, end the day with some romantic desserts to complete your romantic date.
      • Have a picnic. Grab a bottle of wine and some homemade snacks for an intimate and relaxing date at your favorite park, waterfront spot, or rooftop with a view. (Yes, romantic date ideas can be this easy.)
      • Attend a food festival. Depending on your local city, there may be a restaurant week or food truck festival. Both of these events will satisfy you and your loved one's inner foodies.
      Romantic Date Ideas For Beach Lovers
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      Romantic Date Ideas For Beach Lovers

        • Sunbathe at the beach. There's nothing more romantic than spending quality time spent at the beach. Bask in the sun's rays with your significant other, and live in the moment.
        • Rent a boat for the day. If you love being on the water, spend some time in the sun, go fishing, or just chill and enjoy the views with a drink in hand. This romantic date idea is the perfect escape.
        • Participate in water activities.

          Go snorkeling hand in hand, or take jet skis out for a fun spin that'll rev you both up.

        Romantic Date Ideas for Dinner
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        Romantic Date Ideas for Dinner

          • Go on a sunset dinner cruise. From the gourmet dining and picture perfect views to the intimate privacy, a dinner cruise is the perfect way to get away from the stresses of life.
          • Candlelight dinner in the backyard. Nothing says romantic date like candlelit ambiance. Place a few on a table where you can sit close, share food, and enjoy each other!
          • Restaurants with live music.

            Add excitement to your night out by picking a restaurant with live jazz or your favorite music for a special dining experience that sets the mood.

          Romantic Date Ideas For Drinking
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          Romantic Date Ideas For Drinking

            • Cheers at a rooftop bar.

              Whether it's a first date or you're several dates in, there are plenty of hot spots to elevate the romance with the best views.

            • Attend a paint-and-sip session. Get your creative juices flowing and simply paint and drink for your next romantic date night! Best of all, you'll always have a canvas to remember your date by.
            • Tour a winery. Learning about wine (or your beverage of choice) is always fun and educational, and best of all, it's topped off with a tasting.
            Romantic Date Ideas That Get You Moving
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            Romantic Date Ideas That Get You Moving

              • Take a dance class. Whether it's ballroom, salsa, or your favorite genre of music, there's nothing like a dance class to amp up the physical attraction with your significant other. Not to mention, it gives you and your partner something to work toward together, making good teamwork practice.
              • Go skating.

                Ideal for any season, roller or ice skating is the perfect activity to bond with your significant other for a romantic date night idea.

              • Visit an amusement park. Relive your childhood memories, and endure a fun day (or night) where you can go on all your favorite rides with each other, play carnival games, and indulge in sticky and sweet treats.
              Romantic Date Ideas That Are Worth the Splurge
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              Romantic Date Ideas That Are Worth the Splurge

                • Book a hotel room with a view (and a hot tub). Turn an ordinary hotel room into the ultimate romantic oasis with flowers, candles, soothing music, and other thoughtful things your partner would appreciate. Add a decorated hot tub to set the mood even more for this romantic date.
                • Visit a day spa. From facials to massages, nothing says luxury like a relaxing day at the spa.
                • Take a helicopter ride.

                  Whether it's your hometown or a new city, take a ride in the sky to enjoy each other's company in an exciting way.

                Romantic Date Ideas for a Staycation
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                Romantic Date Ideas for a Staycation

                  • Visit a museum at night. If you're both art-lovers, a night trip to the museum is in order. Both affordable and intimate, this romantic date idea will only bring couples closer.
                  • Take a drive.

                    Hit the road with snacks, good music queued up, and an overnight bag (just in case!). Explore a place near where you live, and play tourist for the day!

                  • Go out to dinner.

                    Dress up in something fancy, and go out to that restaurant you've always wanted to try.

                  Romantic Date Ideas For Movie Buffs
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                  Romantic Date Ideas For Movie Buffs

                    • Enjoy dinner at a drive-in movie. Dinner always gives couples the chance to get to know each other even more and create memories. Add a drive-in movie, and you've got the perfect romantic date idea!
                    • Attend a film festival. Love a cinematic atmosphere? A film festival will offer you an experience to see several movies for the first time with your date.
                    • Have a movie marathon at home.

                      Prep the snacks, and settle in for a themed movie marathon. You could watch the James Bond films or Marvel movies, or you can really lean into the romance with something like Jane Austen films.

                    Romantic Date Ideas If You Want to Relax
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                    Romantic Date Ideas If You Want to Relax

                      • Book a couples' massage.

                        Relaxation meets romance with a few hours of pampering to de-stress. Whether it's on vacation or a DIY at-home spa, enjoy some much needed R&R with your loved one for this romantic date night idea.

                      • Netflix and, well, you know.

                        Between Netflix and the other streaming platforms, there are tons of steamy movies or shows to indulge in. Pour your favorite glass of wine, light some candles, lower the lights, and press play!

                      • Take a walk.

                        Enjoy some fresh air with your loved one hand in hand on the beach, along a wooded trail, or at a park.

                      Romantic Date Ideas If You Want to Be Outside
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                      Romantic Date Ideas If You Want to Be Outside

                        • Watch the sunrise. Whether it's a walk on the beach or the view from your patio, watch the sunrise together and enjoy the simple things in life. After all, this romantic date night idea is completely free.
                        • Try kayaking. If you love the water, renting a kayak or paddle boat on a river at sunset makes a beautiful date night.
                        • Go on a bike ride. Get active and bike along a scenic route.
                        Romantic Date Ideas For Music Lovers
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                        Romantic Date Ideas For Music Lovers

                          • See a jazz performance. Cozy up with the one you love to some soothing music at a jazz club.
                          • Go to a concert. Whether it's your favorite artist or someone new, a concert will allow you both to let loose and have fun for a romantic date idea.
                          • See a musical.

                            If you and your date both enjoy music and theater, this idea is the perfect combination.

                          Romantic Date Ideas for Getting Cozy
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                          Romantic Date Ideas for Getting Cozy

                            • Cozy up with a book by the fire pit.

                              This romantic date idea is perfect for the colder seasons and one of the best way to connect with no distractions. Roast some marshmallows for s'mores to make it even more fun!

                            • Head to a dreamy winter destination.

                              Whether it's your favorite ski destination or a cozy lodge, book a trip to the best cold-weather escape where you can indulge in sledding, skiing, and hot tubbing.

                            • Make a comfort meal together. Exercise some teamwork and try a new recipe for a creamy pasta sauce, steamy soup, or decadent dessert. Romantic dates don't have to involve spending a ton of money.
                            Romantic Date Ideas in the Backyard
                            Unsplash | Nick Reynolds

                            Romantic Date Ideas in the Backyard

                              • Stargaze from your backyard.

                                Cuddle up with your sweetheart while doing some serious stargazing on a warm romantic night. All it takes is good planning and waiting for clear skies for this romantic date night idea.

                              • Enjoy a backyard movie.

                                Set up a device, grab your favorite snacks and blankets for snuggling, and create an outdoor movie theater of your own.

                              • Swim in the backyard. Don't have a swimming pool? Grab a kiddie pool, fill it up, and cool down together with a cocktail or mocktail.