Can You Handle the 15 Sexiest Music Videos of 2015?

2015 saw our favorite musicians stripping down, dancing suggestively, sporting risqué outfits, touching body parts, and overall turning up the steam to level 9000. Hey, we're not mad about it. Ahead are last year's most stimulating music videos.


"Hands to Myself," Selena Gomez

Selena's sizzling flick features a crazy-hot Tarzan-esque model (hey there, Christopher Mason), jet-black lingerie, and plenty of hands not kept to themselves.

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"Want to Want Me," Jason Derulo

Things heat up fast between Jason and his love interest in "Want to Want Me." No beating around the bush: his bod is fan-f*cking-tastic.

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"Cool For the Summer," Demi Lovato

This past Summer, we were feeling anything but cool with Demi's sexy single. Oh my, those thigh-high heels!

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"Hotline Bling," Drake

Only Drake could make awkward sweater dancing seem seductive as all get-out. I'm especially fond of one scene near the end, when he hoists the lady dancer up on his, um, pelvic region.

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"Bad Blood," Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar

Taylor and the rest of her achingly beautiful girl squad let their fierce flags fly in "Bad Blood" — complete with skintight body armor.

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"What Do You Mean?," Justin Bieber

Is there anything more glorious than shirtless Justin Bieber making out? The answer is a resounding nope.

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"Dance Like We're Making Love," Ciara

Ciara stays true to her song's name in "Dance Like We're Making Love" — it's not hard to picture what actually goes down between the sheets.

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"Focus," Ariana Grande

In "Focus," Ariana shows off her slim curves — and ridiculously high heels — in a series of steamy silhouette shots.

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"Earned It," The Weeknd

If it's part of the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, it's bound to be hot as hell . . . and indeed, "Earned It" has me needing a cold shower.

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"Love Me Like You Do," Ellie Goulding

More scenes from Fifty Shades flutter through Ellie's titillating (and very catchy) song.

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"Good For You," Selena Gomez

2015 was the year for an unapologetically salacious Selena. That shower scene in "Good For You," amirite?!

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"Over and Over Again," Nathan Sykes

This sensual vid is entirely reminiscent of The Notebook . . . skip to 2:56 for a very Noah and Allie type of sex scene. (Awwww!)

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"Coffee," Miguel

Though you probably wouldn't think it from the title, Miguel's "Coffee" is basically one long sex scene, and it doesn't fail to arouse.

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"Fire Meet Gasoline," Sia

Filmed to promote Heidi Klum's lingerie line, "Fire Meet Gasoline" stars the supermodel and Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal, who happens to be *very* easy on the eyes. No doubt about it, this flick is definitely fire.

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"Levels," Nick Jonas

A far cry from his Jonas Brothers days, Nick's "Levels" features revealing outfits, rope, erotic dancing, sledgehammers, and a couple of well-placed pelvic thrusts. Need we say more?