18 GIFS That Prove Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair Are the Best Damn TV Couple Ever

Hey, Upper Eastsiders. Gossip Girl may have gone off the air years ago, but there's no denying that Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are not only one of the sexiest TV couples ever, but they're actual relationship goals. Sure, both of them were completely repulsive characters at one point or another, but maybe that's why their pairing worked so well. They loved, they fought, they broke each other's hearts, but (SPOILER ALERT) they ended up together and continue to reign as quite possibly the best onscreen couple ever, and I will fight you on that if you disagree.

For years they made me scream at my TV and hope to the high heavens that they would eventually sort out their sh*t, and it's for these 18 reasons (among many, many more, to be honest) that I've decided to crown them best TV couple ever, end of story.