This Couple Made a Beautiful Moroccan Pool Sexy and Sensual — Just Wait Until You See Their Chemistry

Romance, passion, and crazy love are just a few of the components that made a couple's photo shoot in Marrakesh, Morocco, so utterly breathtaking. Caroline and her husband, Jacob, set the scene at a beautiful riad, a traditional Moroccan house or palace with a courtyard, and made the already dreamy location more romantic than ever. Complete with idyllic blue water and floating flower petals, this sexy shoot was as close to perfect as it gets.

"Though the pool was absolutely freezing, you couldn't tell as Caroline and her husband, Jacob, played and splashed around," photographer Heather Woolery told POPSUGAR. "They were an absolute dream to work with and seemed to just be having a blast the whole time."

Caroline, a model and artist based out of South Carolina and Southern California, wore a tasteful white bikini that she paired with delicate jewelry, while Jacob wore nothing but loose-fitting board shorts and a smile. They turned up the heat in the pool with playful poses and intimate moments that could make any onlooker blush. See the most romantic photos ahead, and let this couple's passion brighten your day.