13 Signs Your Best Friend Is Your Ride-or-Die

Some of us have been blessed with that one standout friend who you know will still be a huge part of your life when you grow older. You two have an unbreakable bond that's withstood its fair share of hardships, and partners who've come and gone have always felt the need to compete. If you have someone in mind who fits this description exactly, know that friends like these aren't easy to come by. Never take him or her for granted, not even for one second, because not everyone has the privilege to have an incredible lifelong companion. Chances are that you probably know who this person is, but in case you need more hints, here's 13 signs he or she is your ride-or-die:

  1. They'll drop whatever they're doing to talk: Whether it's in the middle of work or in the middle of the night, if you say you need to talk, they'll pick up.
  2. You truly never feel judged: They love and accept you for exactly who you are, including all of your poor moral and outfit choices.
  3. You never have to worry about them talking sh*t about you: They're always in your defense no matter what's being said — even if it's a rumor they know is true.
  4. Your exes are their exes: If they see your assh*le ex on the street, they give their best glare as if he or she broke their heart, too.
  5. Distance makes no difference: The miles between you two never get in the way. They reach out regularly and/or things are exactly as they were when you two reunite.
  6. You can trust them with your darkest secrets: You never have to worry about any of your words resurfacing to the wrong people.
  7. They're not afraid to keep you in check: They tell it like it is because they have your best interests at heart. They'd rather make you angry than hold you from the truth.
  8. You can depend on them for anything: From saving your ass to letting you borrow money, you know they'll be there for you.
  9. They'll lie for you but never lie to you: Honesty is the foundation of your friendship and they keep it real, no exceptions.
  10. They support you endlessly: They're right there cheering for you at the sidelines with homemade T-shirts and all — no matter how big or small the goal.
  11. They see your problems as theirs: They feel your pain and genuinely want to help you figure out the best solution.
  12. They love you like family: They consider you blood even though you're not related and treat you as if you were.
  13. They're irreplaceable: You couldn't imagine anyone else in the world taking their place because nobody could possibly fill their shoes.