This Powerful Poem About Feminism and Motherhood Will Give You Chills

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"If my daughter is anything like me, raising her will not be an easy task," state Aman Batra and Alyesha Wise at the start of their powerful spoken word poem simply titled, "Mom." The two poets' piece about motherhood and feminism was recently shared by All Def Poetry, a YouTube channel created by Russell Simmons, and is resonating with many millennial women.

In "Mom," Aman and Alyesha use their own relationships with their mothers as a foil for the mothers they one day see themselves being: "There are days I want to crawl back into her belly, remind her that we were once a single body," they say in unison. Aman then adds, "Instead, I praise the day I greet the little girl I have made."

Though the sentiments expressed by Aman and Alyesha clearly don't characterize every mother-daughter relationship, the passion and emotion they convey will make you snap your fingers regardless.