Get Over It! 6 Steps to Moving On After a Breakup

Annabel Acton of Never Liked It Anyway — a site where the brokenhearted can sell anything that reminds you of your ex (even engagement rings!) — is sharing six steps to getting over a breakup.


Breakups. It's not wholly surprising that the word break is in there. Broken hearts, broken trust, broken vases . . . it's not a state you want to be in for long. As founder of Never Liked It Anyway — an online place to sell all that stuff you're left with when a relationship ends — I've come across a few tactics for moving on . . . for better or worse. Some are smart, some are silly, and some are very effective. Here are some of the best I've come across so far:

1. Cut It Like It's Hot

Now's the time to preen it like you mean it! You don't have to fall into the cliché boy-crop thing, but reinvesting a little extra love, time, and energy into your appearance (read: confidence) can help turn things around superfast. Try bangs. It will transform your look, and if you hate it, they'll be gone (or at least pin-backable) in a month. At which point, you'll probably be rocking your mojo again anyway.

2. Overwriting

This little technique involves going back to all the places you had special times with your ex and making even more fun memories with your friends. This cannot be done in halves. If you choose overwriting, go hard or go home.

3. Going, Going, Gone!

Think about it, why would you wear a necklace your ex bought you around your neck? Or stare at a painting you bought together at that cute art fair? Both psychologists and feng-shui experts agree that exorcising those bad reminders helps make space for new possibilities. Start with things you know you'll never wear again — like jewelry — then move on to other things that just don't fit with your new life.

4. Try Something New — Day Time

If you try to lead your exact same life, minus your lover, then of course all you'll notice is a gaping hole. So now's the time to try new things. Preferably social things. There's the obvious choices like wine clubs or baseball teams, but why not surprise yourself and get a little whacky. Brooklyn Brainery is full of the unusual, like . . .

5. Try Something New — Night Time

A wise woman once said: "The best way to get over one man is to get under another." You don't have to go on a rampage or channel your inner Annabel Chong, but getting back on the horse (so to speak) is the best reminder that your ex wasn't your one shot at happiness. Good, bad, or ugly, it will feel different to what you're used to. But different is good, and at the very least, it's progress.

6. I'm Sorry, Who?

Perhaps a little harsh, but seeing your ex's Facebook feed is a handwritten invitation to the normally invisible crazy part of you to come out and twerk. It's kind of like having a free donut table at fat camp. Disaster is inevitable. Until Facebook introduces a "de-friend for a while" option, it's best to just cut that cord and protect your sanity.