20 Sweet Morning To-Dos For You and Your SO

There are plenty of perks of living with your significant other, but the best one is waking up next to them every morning. There's nothing like rolling over and seeing him or her beside you and starting off your day together. But most mornings are refereed by your alarm, and as soon as you know it, you're rushed out the door with usually a kiss at most.

Take back your mornings by setting aside some time in the a.m. to tackle some sweet to-dos with your SO. Kiss instead of hitting snooze; cuddle instead of rolling out of bed. Making these few extra moments into habits will make your love life that much better. Whether you fit in all of these before breakfast or check them off on the weekends, do these 20 things with your partner for the best mornings ever.

  1. Wake each other up with a kiss.
  2. Have morning sex.
  3. Cuddle in bed together for a few minutes before getting up.
  4. Give each other massages.
  5. Lie in bed and just talk.
  6. Hop in the shower together.
  7. Make each other breakfast.
  8. Watch cartoons in bed.
  9. Leave each other notes.
  10. Don't look at your phones until after breakfast.
  11. Say one thing you love about him or her.
  12. Catch up on current events together.
  13. Have coffee in bed.
  14. Talk about each other's day plans.
  15. Make the bed together.
  16. Play each other's favorite songs while getting ready.
  17. Work out together.
  18. Say "I love you."
  19. Wish each other a good day before leaving.
  20. Send each other a sweet text on the way to work.