7 Things You'll Love About Being Married

With all the planning that goes into your wedding, there's little time to really think about what happens after the big day. Brides is giving us the lowdown on all the amazing things you will totally love about being married.


Marriage is amazing for so many reasons, not the least of which is that you get to spend the rest of your life with the man you love. But there's more to celebrate than waking up each morning beside his handsome face. Here are seven other things we — and the experts — know you'll adore about being married.

No more wedding-planning stress!
Yes, it was fun to gather around the dinner table and discuss centerpiece choices. "But now you can enjoy time together without wedding-related stress," says psychologist Lauren Napolitano.

You'll be regarded with a new kind of respect.
"Even if you were living together for six years," says Napolitano, "other people will regard your relationship as 'more legitimate' when you're married."

You're focused on a shared future.
You've got someone to attain goals with, as well as plan for the fun stuff. "You can make plans together to travel, have children, and how to spend the holidays," Napolitano says.

You'll feel a new kind of peace contentment.
When you were dating, you wondered if he'd ever propose. Once he popped the question, you might have been consumed with wedding-planning stress. "But after the wedding, it's great to enjoy your spouse without the extraneous over-thinking," Napolitano says.

You're a family.
"This has got to be the biggest benefit," says Napolitano. "When you're married, you're a family — your family trees are intertwined."

You'll feel a new sense of security.
"You know who you will spend Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve with for the future," she says. "And you're with someone who is excited to spend his future with you."

You'll make new traditions.
Together, you'll love to carve your own unique path. "You can create your own quirky traditions if you want," says Napolitano. "You can move to the city, or abroad."

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