7 Types of Single Guys You'll Meet at a Wedding in Your 20s

Weddings are known for their delicious food, their open bars, and, oftentimes, a welcoming dance floor that's waiting for your presence all night long. But weddings are also known for being a popular place to meet new people, and even score first dates with a person who could be your perfect match. If you're flying solo at an upcoming wedding, here is a look at the seven different types of single guys you may meet when you're there. So be on the lookout (and, in some cases, beware).

1. The One Who Has Open Arms For the Open Bar

You'll meet this guy when you head over to the bar to order your second vodka soda for the night. Chances are, he'll be on his fourth whiskey on the rocks and charm you into taking a tequila shot with him. Sure, this guy may seem to add some life to the party, but give it some time and he may be passed out on the floor of the party.

2. The One Who Takes Over the Dance Floor

A guy who is comfortable on the dance floor is definitely a fast catch at a wedding for the single women who are looking to have a good time. Pack flats or plan to go barefoot when you meet him, because you'll be spending some quality time busting out those dance moves you haven't put to use since your high school prom.

3. The One Who Brought a Plus One

Just because a guy brought a plus one with him, doesn't meet he's dating her. Sometimes singles don't like to show up at a wedding alone, especially when all of their friends are married or in serious relationships, so they'll bring a friend with them. If you see a guy with a plus one who catches your eye, ask someone at the wedding to give you the scoop on them.

4. The One Who Is a Relative

There's usually an attractive and single cousin or sibling of the bride and groom who's at the wedding. If you buddy up with an aunt or the mother of the bride or groom, they'll lead you to that person in no time.

5. The One Who Keeps to Himself

This guy is a little shy and probably more scared of the dance floor than he is of you. If he's holding down the fort at his table, sit down next to him and strike up conversation.

6. The One Who Forgets to Ask For Your Digits

You had a tremendously great time with this guy at the wedding. So much so that he forgot to ask for your phone number at the end of the night. That doesn't mean he won't reach out later with a Facebook friend request or even ask the bride and groom for your details, so don't give up hope yet.

7. The One Who Is Crossing His Fingers So That You Don't Catch the Bouquet

This is the guy you just met at the wedding, danced the night away with, and laughed all through dinner side by side with, and now, when you're on the dance floor vying for your chance to catch the bouquet, he's hoping that you don't.