Venus Retrograde Is Making Things Pretty Rough For These 4 Zodiac Signs

As you race home for the holidays, eager to leave the work, drama, and exhaustion of 2021 behind you, there's one last astrological transit currently at play that you should have in the back of your mind: 2021 Venus retrograde. On Sunday, Dec. 19, Venus stationed retrograde in ambitious Capricorn, and it'll remain so until Jan. 29, 2022. While most people recognize and recoil in fear over events like Mercury retrograde — a notoriously tricky period known for communication errors and technology mishaps — each of the other planets experiences retrograde periods, too. Although, rest assured, other planets' retrograde periods are often much different from Mercury retrograde, and they affect the zodiac signs in other ways.

What Do Retrogrades Mean in Astrology?

Nowadays, retrogrades have become synonymous with scary, weeks-long periods of frustration that drive everyone mad, but in astrology, retrogrades don't mean "run and hide lest you face the fury of the cosmos." Rather, retrogrades are a slow-down period. When a planet retrogrades, or begins to slow so significantly, it appears to move backward; it's not moving forward at its full potential as it usually is. Thus, astrologically speaking, retrogrades essentially mean a time to pause, review, and reflect on the areas of our lives requiring the most attention. It's for this reason that themes, people, places, thoughts, and more from your past seem to reappear during retrograde periods. The same way you review for a test, you might think of retrogrades like the cosmos nudging you toward a higher level of understanding, so you're better equipped to move forward. No, this doesn't make dealing with the more difficult aspects of retrograde periods that much better, but knowing the astrological meaning of retrogrades at least helps you to take them in stride.

What Does Venus Retrograde Mean in Astrology?

In astrology, Venus is said to govern everything from love, adoration, and aesthetics to your values, finances, and material wealth. Generally speaking, Venus retrograde may slow down these areas of your life to offer you time to reflect on where you stand with them. More specifically, Venus retrograde in 2021 occurs in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, associated with diligence and pragmatism, and conjunct Pluto, the planet of transformation, taboo, death, and rebirth, offering another layer of meaning to this period. Think: what areas of your love life, your personal values, and your finances need a controlled reset to better help you reach your goals? With Pluto in the mix, you may find greater transformations in these areas than you'd expect, including some necessary endings and new beginnings.

For a deeper dive into how Venus retrograde affects your zodiac sign, look at your circular birth chart and locate the astrological house (often denoted by Roman numerals) that falls in the Capricorn portion of your chart. You may find the areas of life associated with this house are most affected by Venus retrograde.

What Zodiac Signs and Rising Signs Are Most Affected by 2021 Venus Retrograde in Capricorn?

Aries (March 21-April 19) During 2021-2022 Venus Retrograde: You're Reassessing Who You Want to Be Professionally

Occurring in your 10th house of career, reputation, and public image, Venus retrograde is shining a spotlight on your professional life, Aries. Are there aspects of your career or daily work causing a rift in the image you want to portray or in the ideal life you have for yourself, like your title, your hours, your salary, or the career path you've chosen all together? This review period may push you to reassess the parts of your professional life and image that just aren't working for you anymore.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) During 2021-2022 Venus Retrograde: You're Revisiting the Aspects of Your Love Life You Need to Let Go Of

The planet of love is certainly shaking things up in your love life, Cancer. As Venus slows down significantly in your seventh house, you may be feeling a little stuck when it comes to your relationships and one-on-one partnerships. This retrograde may draw up some aspects of your love life you thought you'd left in the past, like exes, insecurities, or draining relationship cycles. Use this time to sit with those uncomfortable feelings and compare them to the goals you have for your relationships, so you know exactly what to let go of and how to do so.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) During 2021-2022 Venus Retrograde: You're Reprioritizing What (and Who) Makes You Feel Loved

Libra, Venus retrograde is getting personal for you, as it retrogrades in your fourth house of home, family, and personal matters. You may find Venus retrograde drudging up some challenging feelings or insecurities relating to your home and family life — or even some people once very close to you coming back around. Think about the values you hold close, as well as the various things in your life that make you feel loved and safe, and give yourself permission to lean on those things . . . even if that means taking a step back from what's causing those insecurities in the first place.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) During 2021-2022 Venus Retrograde: You're Reevaluating What Makes You Feel Authentically You

With Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto in your sign, Capricorn, you're likely feeling its effects to your core, specifically in terms of your sense of style and your identity. Because this retrograde centers you, so should you when exploring the different areas of life Venus touches. Do you feel satisfied in your love life? With the state of your financials? With your values? Consider this retrograde a time for you to really home in on what makes you feel most confident and authentic in your self-image, in your relationships with others, and in what you value, and reconsider the obstacles that are standing in your way.