Cheers! A Look Back at Beer Advertising For Women

Crack open a cold one — it's National Beer Day! You'd think modern women would be free to consume whatever alcoholic beverage they choose without worrying about stereotypes, but alas, it's been a love-hate history of beer ads for women. Though the '50s and '60s weren't forward-thinking eras for females, that doesn't mean sexist beer advertisements and marketing campaigns are any less common now. Advertisers are old pros at using clichés and generalizations about women in hopes of getting them to buy their hops. Let's put on our beer goggles and take a look at female-targeted beer ads over the years.

— Additional reporting by Tara Block

Hammers and beer are a disaster waiting to happen.

OMG! They've discovered a nonfattening beer. At least according to this 1930s ad.

This gets me in the mood for Summer.

Beer — it can turn your party from awkward to awesome.

Cheers to day drinking!

"Wind howling, logs crackling, popcorn popping, Budweiser sparkling," reads the copy of this 1950 ad featuring a young couple. Both the man and the woman are casually enjoying a cool glass of Bud on a presumably colder day.

This 1957 Budweiser ad shows a woman in virginal white looking up at her male beer provider. A bit submissive, no?

And drink enough you'll think you're a professional singer.

She's got them crazy eyes.

She sure looks like she has "gusto."

This beer makes me forget how tiny your TV is!

Just listening to some records and enjoying a brewski.

Check it out: it's an African-American version of the other ad. Weirdly, you can see the other model on the album cover in this one.

It's all about the celebrity endorsements.

Popcorn and beer: who knew?

Let's get drunk and go bowling!

In this 1882 ad, a barmaid enjoys a stein of Bock Beer with her pal — a dressed-up goat.

Baseball and beer, a classic combo.

When you drink it out of a glass, no one has to know it's Bud from a can!

This 1950s ad for the entire beer industry makes a more subtle appeal to women. It shows a couple enjoying a regular night at home, with matching his and her beers and smiles.

The message seems pretty clear to me on this one.

Warmer temps mean time to bust out the beer!

This looks like a Don Draper date night.

Gone fishing.

Those are some interesting uniforms.

In 1960, this young woman couldn't keep her eyes off the beer.

Does drinking beer make fishing less boring?

For the wife, mother, homemaker, and hostess who needs a DRINK.

The glam way to drink a beer.

The beer fairy must have come!

The whole gang loves beer, including the women!

"SAY CHEESE. Or anything else good to eat. Everything tastes better with Budweiser," reads this ad. Next time, ditch the wine and have a beer and cheese party.

This 1956 ad hopes to convince housewives that Budweiser will help them win the competition for best hostess ever. The copy reads, "The beer has to be Budweiser. She says that when you're proud of a meal, why not pay it the compliment it deserves — the beer that has graced more tables than any other ever known."

Hey ladies, choose your beer like you choose your men — the higher the IQ, the better.

Aww, they go together like you and me.

We live in a friendly, freedom-loving land, so obviously we drink beer!

This 1954 ad says Schlitz is the beer that made Milwaukee famous, and hopefully it will make you look this glamorous in a swimsuit, too!

Looks like a classy spread to me.

Is this a sexual innuendo?

Maybe you shouldn't be drinking a beer while balancing on a ladder?

Actress Hedy Lamarr endorsed Schaefer beer, which was sure to get the attention of both men and women.

It'd take a lot of beer to eat whatever that appetizer is . . . cheese ball with olives and weiner dogs, anyone?

Even fancy harp musicians like Bud!

Both the men and the women at this dinner party are enjoying beer.

A sporty woman who enjoys beer? If only we could see something like this 1952 Miller ad today. The copy tells you that this woman "knowingly selects Miller High Life . . . the Champagne of Bottle Beer."

Forget Christmas presents, I just need a beer.

It's a work of art.

Big boobs keep beer cold, according to this Foster's ad that reads, "Well. You wouldn't want a warm beer, would you?"