This Parisian Wedding Is What Dreams Are Made Of — but 1 Groom's Regal Cape Stole the Show

Krystal Kenney Photography
Krystal Kenney Photography

Um, hello. If you haven't already, please put a stop to whatever you're doing and take a look at these breathtaking wedding photos that are currently making their rounds on social media. The photos in question belong to James and Riccardo Burrell-Hinds, who recently found viral fame after photos of them tying the knot in Paris earlier this year were shared on Twitter by a family member and retweeted by more than 43,000 users. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I audibly gasped at the sight of them, and I honestly can't even figure out what I'm the most impressed by. Just look at that backdrop! And those flowers! And that cape! It's all so stunning.

My uncle got married in Paris and the wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous and fabulous, I just had to share!

— LOVE 10/18 💗 (@CAMSQUIAT) October 2, 2018

According to the newlyweds, the idea to get married abroad was actually brought up just five months before they were set to exchange vows. "We had seen so many weddings happening in the months leading up to ours so we had to do something unique and fitting for us," they told POPSUGAR. "Paris is just such a fairy tale and regal city so it was just the perfect place for a dream wedding. We knew that it would be a beautiful place for our family to experience."

James and Riccardo met in 2015 and were engaged a few years later. When their big day finally came, James stole the show in an elaborate wedding cape that was inspired by his desire to have a "royal" wedding. "He was determined to have that cape no matter where we decided to get married," Riccardo said. "He wanted to make sure we had a royal wedding, and it just worked out perfectly with the palace setting that we decided on for the ceremony." See more photos from James and Riccardo's wedding day ahead.