This Drag Queen's Voldemort-Themed Performance Is Going Viral Because, Well, Just Watch It

Legendary. Genius. Brilliant. F*cking iconic. There are truly not enough words in the dictionary to sum up what I'm about to share with you, dear reader, so strap in and get ready. A San Francisco-based drag queen who goes by the name Florida Man is going viral for her Voldemort-themed drag performance, and yep, it's just as incredible as you'd imagine.

For the performance, Florida Man suits up in her finest Lady Voldemort getup, rocking a sleeved black robe, eerie face makeup, and even a semi-creepy prosthetic nose to flawlessly imitate the villain from the Harry Potter series. Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" plays in the background as the performer dances and sings along onstage, with the crowd raucously cheering in the background. In the middle of the show, the performer strips off her robe to reveal a belted leotard and torn fishnet tights before whipping out a wand and engaging in an onstage duel. All in all, it's four minutes of high-quality (though slightly NSFW) entertainment.

When Florida Man shared a video of the gig on Twitter, the clip went totally viral, garnering more than 1 million views in just a few days, plus another 29,000 views on YouTube. As one hilarious commenter responded, "Call me Dobby because I am deceased." Hah! Watch Lady Voldemort in all her devilishly talented glory below, followed by some reactions to She Who Must Not Be Tamed. All I can say is, I truly wish I witnessed this in person.

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The Full Performance

Lady Voldemort in All Her Glory

A Few of Her Tweets About the Sudden Viral Fame

Some On-Point Twitter Reactions to the Performance