36 Little Ways to Know Your Significant Other Really Loves You

Grand gestures are great, but sometimes elaborate expressions of affection can seem a little over the top. With my boyfriend, it's the little things that really mean the most — the stuff that shows me that I'm on his mind or the things he does that I know he wouldn't do for anyone else (like wipe up my cat's vomit). That's love!

There's nothing like coming home from a long day of work to a glass of wine and a pair of comfy pants laid out for you, and you know you've snagged a keeper when they do sweet things without even thinking twice about it. If your significant other does any of these gestures below, then hang on to them!

  1. They make the bed (when you didn't even ask them to!).
  2. They give you foot massages while you watch TV.
  3. You get coffee or breakfast delivery in bed — and your drink is in your favorite mug.
  4. They can tell in one look, and without a word exchanged, what you need in that moment.
  5. A glass of wine is waiting for you when you walk in the house after a hard day.
  6. They take your nail polish off your toes so you don't ruin your manicure.
  7. They bring you your contact lenses case so you don't trip and fall on the way to find it.
  8. They know that what you really want when you get off a plane is food, not flowers.
  9. You don't need audiobooks because they read your favorite series out loud to you when you're driving on a long road trip.
  10. They actually take an interest in your fashion choices.
  11. They let you kiss them with bright lipstick on.
  12. They unzip your pants when you have to pee and you just painted your nails.
  13. They make little compromises, like keeping the house stocked with almond milk when they are a half-and-half type of person.
  14. You find your phone plugged in and fully charged after leaving it unattended.
  15. They prepare a bubble bath for you (and then let you enjoy it in peace).
  16. They separate your clean clothes between the ones to hang dry and the ones that go in the dryer . . . or they do your laundry at all!
  17. You find little love notes left around the house for you.
  18. They call your family members just to say hello and catch up.
  19. They cook for you.
  20. They take care of your cat or dog and clean up their poop — even though it's not their responsibility (or their pet!).
  21. They go to the corner store when you forgot something but are already settled on the couch in your comfy pants.
  22. They make an effort to get along with your friends, even the ones they aren't big fans of.
  23. Your toothbrush already has toothpaste on it when you go to brush your teeth before bed.
  24. They let you know when something is stuck in your teeth.
  25. The toilet seat is left down.
  26. They take the hint and get you a gift after you mention something you saw and liked at a store or online.
  27. They understand when you need alone time, and they give it to you — no questions asked.
  28. They tell you that you look perfect — even when you've just rolled out of bed.
  29. They read a book you recommended and then discuss it enthusiastically with you (or let you talk about it at length even if they didn't like it much).
  30. They let you listen to your favorite song. On repeat. For hours.
  31. You get the last (and best) bite.
  32. They do little favors for your family members.
  33. They stay home to let the cable guy in so that you don't have to miss work.
  34. They bring you Tylenol and water when you're sick (or had a little too much fun the night before).
  35. They hold your bags, sweaters, shoes, or anything else you can load them down with.
  36. They send a text just to let you know they are thinking of you.