What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

Whether you tend to remember your dreams or not, having a dream about being pregnant is pretty unforgettable. I'm sure you can relate to that panicky feeling, where you suddenly wake up and reach for your belly just to make sure. That kind of dream is so vivid that for a split second, you're not sure if it's real.

I've always wondered what those kinds of dreams mean. Is my body trying to tell me something? Am I really pregnant? Do I secretly want to be pregnant? Is someone I know pregnant? Does it have anything to do with pregnancy at all?

Actually, pregnancy dreams for women are pretty common, and they usually represent new beginnings, renewed connections with others, changes in your life or career, or something in the future you're looking forward to. Being pregnant in your dream is usually a positive thing and indicates that you're growing in your life or in a relationship. It can also be a symbol for how you're blossoming creatively or spiritually. If your overall feeling in the dream was of happiness and anticipation, then I'd try and think about what exciting or life-changing events are happening right now or that what you've been hoping will happen. If having a baby is something you're thinking about, your dream could definitely be about the actual baby. But if pregnancy is far from your mind, then most likely the baby in your dream is just a metaphor for something in your life that's new, exciting, different, or joyful.

Have you ever experienced a pregnancy dream?