Mercury Is in Retrograde, but What Exactly Does That Mean For You?

You may have heard people blame Mercury being in retrograde when things go wrong, but we're not judging if you have no idea what that means. Basically, there are a few times per year when Mercury moves in the opposite direction of Earth. Planets usually orbit from east to west around the sun, but sometimes Mercury will move from west to east for a period of time. This is when it's in retrograde.

Many astrologers believe that during this time, chaos, miscommunication, and bad luck are much more prevalent. People will blame Mercury in retrograde for just about anything. Crumbling relationships, broken electronics, bad business deals, and pretty much any negative events are blamed on these specific time periods. Check out when Mercury will be in retrograde over the next few years:

  • 2017: April 9-May 3, Aug. 12-Sept. 5, Dec. 3-22
  • 2018: March 22-April 15, July 25-Aug. 18, Nov. 16-Dec. 6
  • 2019: March 5-28, July 7-31, Oct. 31-Nov. 20

So what should you do during this time? Astrologers suggest that you be extra careful — don't make any big decisions or purchases. Be aware of your surroundings and just use your own intuition. Remember it doesn't last forever! We'll be back to normal in no time.