Venus Is in Retrograde Right Now, and Here's How It Will Affect You

Venus is currently in retrograde for 2018. If you've been feeling a shift in your life lately, this is likely the culprit! Venus in retrograde began on Oct. 5 and will be continuing until Nov. 16. This can impact your life in many ways. Whether it's feeling more impulsive, changes in your love life, or bringing things to light . . . we can blame it on the stars! POPSUGAR reached out to Jinn, an astrologist from Angels Oasis, via email to find out more about Venus in retrograde and how it will impact your life. She warns that some of us may be in for a bumpy ride, but the good news is we will be riding out to fix potholes in the road.

Love Life

Since Venus is known to stir things up, your love life may be affected. Whether this is an old lover resurfacing or a committed relationship with problems arising, something may come to light that causes uncomfortable tension. This can be the perfect time to work these past issues out and move forward in a positive way.

Personal Life

Jinn says this will be a time to clear the air and have understanding, compassion, and respect. The next few weeks might be emotional and uncomfortable, but they are necessary.

Work Life

While Venus is in retrograde, we may find interpersonal relationships to be strained. This may cause issues with business interactions, as it can be harder to connect with others. Be careful with your words.

Your Well-Being

Things may be coming up to the surface that affect your well-being. Jinn suggests that you stop and take a breath when you feel your stress and emotions rising.

Making Changes

Jinn says that the retrograde begins in the sign of Scorpio. She refers to Scorpio as the Sherlock Holmes of the zodiac. She warns that if there are things to be uncovered, Scorpio will find them. In the end, however, the changes that will happen will be in your best interest. Make them wisely!


Jinn advises that you have an opportunity to find out why others react the way that they do. It can help you and others to tell your truth, but be mindful not to cause unnecessary harm. You will be rethinking your own actions, and it may bring unknown intentions out to light.