Clear Some Wall Space, You're Gonna Need This Calendar of Bearded Men

Gird your loins, ladies and gents, because this calendar full of bodacious bearded men is comin' in hot. In an effort to raise money for Books to the Rescue in Yavapai County, AZ, photographer Chad Castigliano put together one of the greatest calendars ever, full of bearded men from all over the country.

This all started last year when Castigliano shot photos of his friend and firefighter Tim Wilson in pinup style out in nature to create a Whimsical Woodsman calendar to raise money. Because Tim completely rocked his modeling job, the photos quickly spread across the internet, and people embraced the photos for the magical bits of deliciousness that they are.

The project snowballed once it reached Facebook, and now Castigliano is looking for new bearded models for the next shoot. "The response is great, we get flooded with messages from all over the world from guys wanting to participate," Castigliano said in an email to POPSUGAR. "We are looking to cover all of the United States."

You can purchase a Whimsical Woodsman and Friends calendar for 2018 now, and check out the Facebook page to see all the hot new submissions for the next calendar. Or if you have a bearded friend who is fun and photogenic, sign him up — he might just be the new star.