Warning: Looking at This Hot 51-Year-Old Ex-Model May Cause Extreme Thirst

If you're in the market for a new #ManCrushMonday, we have just the stud to make your heart skip a beat. Meet Chuando Tan, the 51-year-old Singaporean photographer who's taking the internet by storm with his six (eight? 10?) pack of abs, porcelain skin, and Hulk-like arm muscles. And yes, you read that correctly. Chuando is, in fact, 51 years old — as in half of 100 — and yet he has the ripped physique of a 20-something college dude. We're not too sure how on earth this sorcery is possible, but we're just gonna go with it for the sake of good ol' fashioned eye candy.

Though now a photographer, this hottie with a body used to be behind the lens as a model back in the day (hah, shocker). It's no surprise he has more than 860,000 Instagram followers, who are graced with countless shirtless and fully clothed pictures, both of which are sure to quench your thirst for sexy middle-aged men. Keep reading to feast your eyes on Chuando's hottest Instagram pictures.

Caution: Looking at the photos ahead may cause spontaneous sweating, excessive salivation, and rapid heartbeat. Consider yourself warned.

He's the king of classic mirror selfies

Only he can make the peace sign look sexy

Oh, OK then . . .

The skyline in the background is no match for his smoldering good looks

"I woke up like this." — Chuando, probably

Is it hot in here or is it just this guy?!

We have no words

Naughty or nice?

He seems to stick his tongue out a lot . . . and we're not opposed

We'd do unspeakable things if we ever encountered him on the streets


He rocks the Speedo, naturally

*checks pulse*

*checks pulse again*


He's giving us all the sexy librarian vibes

If you've made it this far and you still have a pulse, we truly congratulate you