28 Reasons Your High School Friends Are Your Best Friends Forever

There will never be anyone like your best friends from high school. They've known you forever, have shared so many memories with you, have stuck by you through thick and thin, and have proved that, despite everything, you'll definitely still be causing trouble together when you're 80. Often, the bonds you create during those formative years will last a lifetime, and you know just how lucky you are that your high school BFFs have turned into your adult BFFs (the shared love of High School Musical, big belts, and flip phones lasts forever). Keep reading for 28 reasons your high school friends are your best friends forever, and then pick up the phone and call them just to say "hi," because they're the ones you still actually talk to instead of text.

  1. They know every embarrassing thing that has happened to you in your life.
  2. You still have each other's old clothes that you borrowed years ago.
  3. You've sworn to be in each other's weddings since you were young.
  4. You're close with their families, and they're close with yours.
  5. You know all of one another's crushes and past relationships.
  6. You've seen each other through first heartbreaks.
  7. You survived a very tumultuous time of life together.
  8. They make visiting your hometown that much more exciting.
  9. You've gotten through a slew of arguments with each other.
  10. You get to reminisce about your awkward (and less attractive) days together.
  11. You get to talk about everyone you went to school with together.
  12. They can always tell exactly how you're feeling.
  13. You feel more comfortable with them than any other friends.
  14. You stayed close even through college and moving to different places.
  15. You know some of their oldest secrets.
  16. They understand where you come from and why you are who you are today.
  17. You can be superweird, and it doesn't phase them at all.
  18. You guys have the best reunions when you come together.
  19. You have the best (and oldest) inside jokes.
  20. They know all the obscure things you love and hate.
  21. You spent so much time together for four solid years.
  22. Listening to old songs together is the best thing ever.
  23. You never get sick of being around each other.
  24. You dislike the same people.
  25. You can harmlessly tease each other.
  26. You have so much blackmail on each other that you will never ever use.
  27. You're always excited to tell them about your accomplishments.
  28. You know that their love is unconditional.