Wimbledon Fans Can't Stop Having Sex in the Designated "Quiet Space" Areas

Although Wimbledon has long been synonymous with tradition and prestige, it appears that some spectators have decided to add a little spice to the major tennis event in London. And we're not talking about the "Just Stop Oil" protests; we're talking about the fact that Wimbledon fans can't stop having sex.

According to the NYPost, spectators are sneaking off to new "quiet space" rooms to do the dirty. Instead of the "mile high club," people are reportedly calling it the "Wimbledon high club."

These quiet-space rooms were designed to be "a space where guests can retreat for a moment of private meditation, prayer or reflection or simply to escape the crowds around the grounds," according to a brochure given to Wimbledon attendees, as reported by The Guardian.

"Our quiet room is an important part of our efforts to ensure that Wimbledon is for everyone," an All England Club spokesperson told the NYPost. Although they did not address the allegations that people are using the quiet spaces to play with balls off the court, the spokesperson upheld that executives would like the spaces to be used the way they were intended.

According to the Telegraph, Sally Bolton, chief executive of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, said, "If people need space to go to pray, it's the quiet space for that. There is an opportunity to breastfeed in there. But, we are looking for it to be used in the right way."

Naturally, this whole situation has become quite the conversation on social media. One Twitter user wrote, "They've been asking tennis fans to stop shagging in the prayers rooms at Wimbledon, but who hasn't wanted to thank God during sex." In response to the news, another Twitter user responded, "just shows how boring tennis is."

Clearly, with all the endorphins and sweaty athletes on the premises, there's something in the air at Wimbledon — and it's not just the balls.