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This Toddler’s Thoughts on Motherhood Will Have You Cracking Up

Mila has discovered the joys of motherhood 🙌🏼📹by @kaitsta my daughter

A post shared by Katie (@kcstauffer) on

You may recognize the adorable 2-year-old Mila Stauffer from her and her twin sister's insanely creative and pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes, but Mila has grown up a lot since October, and she's now realizing the struggles of parenthood. In a hilarious new video posted on her mother's Instagram feed, Mila complains about her needy doll, who's "too much work!"

"Seriously? Change your own diaper baby, I'm just a kid," Mila says about her baby doll. "Ugh, can you imagine twins? My poor mother."

We know that Mila's mom, Katie, is most definitely feeding her the dialogue, but the fact that these words are coming out of a toddler's mouth is priceless.

"I don't have time for this," Mila says what every mother is thinking. "I just want to watch Tangled. So much responsibilities! Next time, I'm buying some Legos! I have a social life . . . Maybe I can find a daycare! Ugh, is it nap time yet?"

We don't need a crystal ball to see an acting career in Mila's future.

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