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5 Hobbies Busy Moms Love

Managing both a family and a job puts many moms on a fast-moving treadmill. But Circle of Moms member Rebekah S., who has a toddler and works full time, insists on stepping off of it each week to enjoy her hobbies. The key, she says, is choosing hobbies that restore body, mind and spirit, and that can fit into the jam-packed schedule of a busy mom.

While Rebekah admits there’s little time for all the things she loves to do ("dance, scrapbooking, cooking, reading, writing, ballroom dancing, playing music, crafting, and singing"), she and several other Circle of Moms members believe that squeezing in a sanity-saving hobby can make all the difference. Here are five that work well with a mother's busy life.

Social Readers

Book clubs provide mental stimulation and a great escape for many Circle of Moms members. A Circle of Moms member named Kelly joined a book club at her local library, where she swaps book recommendations and impressions with others, and reports that she looks at many books in a whole new light now.


With limited time, another Kelly (Kelly Z.) finds reading to be a pastime she can squeeze in after the kids are asleep, and hopes that she can shuffle some priorities to eventually join a book club, possibly online. For now, she's content to just read on her own. “I don't really have much time for hobbies as I am a single mother, student, and also work full time. But when I do get a minute to do something for myself, I like to read."

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Family Chefs

Without the luxury of time, many Circle of Moms members say that getting creative with the cooking turns a chore into a fun hobby. “I like to cook and read and so going to the library, I find amazing things in the cookbook section,” says Ruth B.”I've discovered lots of interesting recipes, and really broadened my repertoire."

In Stacey M.’s busy life, a love and talent for cooking and baking enables her to serve up great meals for her family. “I'm good at it. My husband would kill for my stuffed shells. My son is 17 months old and he likes all my food too. Makes me feel good when my boys ask for a second helping.” There’s also a group of Circle of Moms who love cake decorating.

Exercise Buffs

Working out is a popular pastime for many of the working moms in Circle of Moms communities. Many say they head to the gym during the wee hours of the morning before work. Others "squeeze in time for exercise,” with a couple of classes a week, like Rachel D. who takes yoga and Zumba classes. Susie's workout class is just two hours a week, but "it makes me a better mom. I’m happier and my kids are happier."

Then there's Loureen K., who has put the cool factor into her workout hobby: surfing. It’s both her passion and "a form of meditation."

Shutterbugs, Scrapbookers, and Pinners

Capturing your kids’ every move with your camera or smart phone is something many moms are already doing. But what to do with all the images? Kelly Z. loves taking pictures of her son but doesn't have time to scrapbook, so for now, she's putting them in a photo album. And Lee Ann S. says has “become addicted” to posting and pinning images on Pinterest. “It can keep you busy for hours,” she says. (Related: The Best Tools for Digital Scrapbooking)


Dirt Diggers

For Kelly H., gardening after a busy day at the office is a restorative pastime. The best part is that the kids can dig in too. As she shares, “I love gardening, growing my own food and collecting herbs, succulents and water plants," adding "I do wish I had more time for other hobbies too.”

Are you able to squeeze in a hobby?

Image Source: Civ33 via Flickr/Creative Commons

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