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This Bear Jumping in Unison With a Little Boy at the Zoo Is Like Something Out of a Disney Movie

I know bears are terrifying – I've seen The Revenant, and on a road trip to Wyoming once as a kid, we saw a grizzly from 500 feet away and I remember my dad locking the doors and rolling up the windows – but oh dear, do videos like this make me want to give those wild animals a big ol' bear hug (sorry, couldn't help myself).

At the Nashville Zoo this week, a little boy named Ian Parker found himself face-to-face with a black Andean bear, with just a thick shield of glass between them. Scary for some, sure, but if the fact that the bear seemed to be giving the child high-fives wasn't cute enough, the five-year-old started jumping, and the playful bear copied his every move. The two were jumping in perfect unison at one point!

The endearing moment was caught on video, and it looks like a scene straight out of the live-action version of Disney's Jungle Book.

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