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This Ad Will Have You in Tears

Grab the tissues. Boba, the Colorado-based babywearing company, released a new ad that captures the true meaning of motherhood. In "You Made Me a Mom," the company documents the journey of motherhood using real moms' quotes and stories. Whether it's feeling a future baby's kick, counting a newborn's fingers and toes, or hearing a child say your name, the ad shares the moments that we cherish and the ones that make us moms. Which story will move you to tears?

To see how Boba made this spot, read the full story on Huffington Post.

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Ian15348748 Ian15348748 3 years
No tears. None.; No...two. The first tear for the fathers; who are completely and totally marginalized in this advertisement. The second tear for the unborn child; who is completely and totally at the mercy of the mother, and the mother alone; based upon her "choice". "I made you...and you made me a mom"? Sounds very, very selfish. Boycott this company.
AlavisiCarmona AlavisiCarmona 3 years
Not one tear. My eyes didn't even water. I did not see one Mother that represents a woman of color. Nor did I see any beautiful brown babies. I can't resonate with an ad that clearly rejects minorites when attempting to reflect on Motherhood. Its either done on purpose or subliminal and the message is clear across the board.
JaynePeterson1379693218 JaynePeterson1379693218 3 years
Methinks some ladies doth protest too much...obviously they missed my point entirely either on purpose or by choosing not to read my comment in its entirety. Regardless, I'm sick to death of the emails I get from popsugar and circle of moms so, I'm unsubscribing. If the majority of mothers on this site think that being honest about how hard parenting is is being 'negative' then, I really don't want to be part of it anyways. Enjoy having a little less diversity in the comment section, maybe if you keep it up those 23 thumbs down will dissapear too :)
NurUtami NurUtami 3 years
Thanks for this video, it makes me feel so proud of being mom, I also feel that many women do such remarkable things for their children, mother's love is really a true love....cheers for all mothers in this world
MichelleJohnson79602 MichelleJohnson79602 3 years
My babies are 27 and 28. Yes there were rough times raising them. Get a clue its the hardest but most important job you'll ever have in your life but also the most rewarding. I don't have a single regret. My children are now responsible adults that I'm proud of. I get the video and love it.
Jennifer57836 Jennifer57836 3 years
And then they become teenagers!
Christina15339128 Christina15339128 3 years
Jayne - I think you miss the point. it's not that motherhood has all this crappy downside to it that the public needs to know about. Trust me, moms everywhere know about the trials and the struggles. What's important, is to share that the trials and struggles in insignificant compared to the joy and reward of motherhood. it's also a way to magnify the good and the joy, when the trying times become overwhelming. I watched this video and saw a beautiful thing. I smiled at the milestones, remembered fondly those moments in my own life, then read your post and it took the wind out of the happy moment. I know, I know, people have a right to be negative and say what they want. Yep, they do. You don't have to agree with me, but I have a right also not agree with you. I obviously don't. I like having the positive moments of parenthood amplified more than the negative. I'd rather be a happy than miserable. but that's just me :)
CarolinaBell CarolinaBell 3 years
What a beautiful and unique video.
AmberKearns AmberKearns 3 years
I am also a mother of 3 (11, 5, & 10mo). & I was a single mother to my 2 oldest most of their lives, so I know how hard motherhood is. With that said, I think that video is so beautiful. It does talk about how hard motherhood can be at times, but it highlights how rewarding it is, which so far out weighs the tough times. No matter how hard it gets, between sleepless nights, bleeding nipples, tantrums, back talking, dealing with the ex & custody issues, the joys of being a mother are so worth it.
AmbreyNichols AmbreyNichols 3 years
I think that though there are times when things were tough as a mother. I remember the good times more than the bad ones. That is for me personally. Some women remember the not so good times and think that is what motherhood is about. But I think both good and tough times make it worth while as a mother. Thank you for showing the good part of it.
JaynePeterson1379693218 JaynePeterson1379693218 3 years
As a mother of 3 I am sooo sick of the way we romanticise parenthood. Where is the reality? We make motherhood look so fun and perfect and then wonder why 13 year olds want babies? Gimme a break. I wanna see pregnant women hugging the toilet, new mothers who have just been peed on, the one year old who decided poo is an excellent medium to paint the walls with, the 7 year old screaming "I hate you" because she's not getting an ipod or a cell phone, the sleepless nights, the vomit stains on the favorite shirts, the mess. I've done it 3 times. I would do it again but THAT is what made me a mother. Not honey hughed moments pulled from the pages of magazines, but the slogging through knee deep filth and smiling anyways because, they're my kids and I love them.
MyJunk15336828 MyJunk15336828 3 years
It's beautiful. So is the P&G "Thank you mom" commercial... I wish someone would do something like this for all the dads out there tho, give US some credit, as you know, we're the other HALF of this equation.
siaan15323401 siaan15323401 3 years
This advert is absolutely beautiful! Grab the tissues coz mama-bear is bowling. well done boba! you nailed it! cant wait to get home to snuggle my little honey!
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