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Bouncy House Carries Kids Into the Air

Two Children Seriously Injured in Real-Life "Balloon Boy" Accident

It was a scene out of every parent's worst nightmare in South Glens Falls, NY, yesterday when an inflatable bounce house caught a strong gust of wind and went flying into the air with three young children inside. The two younger kids, boys ages 5 and 6, sustained serious injuries as they were tossed at least 15 feet to the ground, while a 10-year-old girl received minor scrapes from her fall from the structure.

According to eyewitnesses, the children were playing in the open-topped inflatable, which was secured to the ground with four stakes, when a gust of wind caught it and began spinning it around like a tornado. The girl was near the "door" and fell out quickly, but the two younger boys were in the bounce house for some time, with one landing on a car about 40 feet away from where they were playing and the other landing on asphalt about 20 feet away.

Witnesses told the Glens Falls Post-Star, "It was a sudden burst of wind and it just lifted off the ground. It was just a freak accident."

Source: Glens Falls Post-Star

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ToriSharrai ToriSharrai 3 years

Instead of casting blame; why not be asking for prayer for the kids and parents going through this. Like the article said just a freak accident. Lord please reach your hand down and lay it on your children. Heal them and keep a strong hold on the parents also. By your strips we are healed Amen.

RowenaMarshall RowenaMarshall 3 years

that is horrific!!!!!!

isabeaucerian isabeaucerian 3 years

Sounds more like a 'microburst' instead of just a strong gust of wind. They act like a mini tornado.

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