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Boy Kicked Out of Restaurant For T-Shirt

Little Boy's Shirt Got Him Booted From a Restaurant

Frequent diners know the expression, "No shoes, no shirt, no service," but one restaurant in Atlanta may have taken the rule too far. Last week, 4-year-old Lewis Roberts and his family went to enjoy lunch at Tavern at Phipps. Shortly after they sat down, the hostess approached the group and told them they would have to leave. When asked why, the woman said the boy's t-shirt — a sleeveless top with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles decal — violated the restaurant's dress code. Roberts's aunt asked to speak to a manager, who agreed that the shirt was inappropriate for the setting. So the family left, feeling hungry and frustrated.

"I just think it's crazy — a 4-year-old getting kicked out of a restaurant," Roberts's aunt tells a local news station. "If we thought for a minute that he was inappropriately dressed we would have gone to a different restaurant to save the embarrassment."

To see what the Tavern at Phipps has to say about the incident, read the full story on Huffington Post.

Source: 11 Alive News

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KristyS1388771706 KristyS1388771706 2 years

Okay, now that I've looked at the pictures on Phipps webpage I can express an informed opinion. There is nothing high end or exclusive about this place - it's a bar! For it to claim there's a dress code is laughable; just look at all the scantily clad women busting out of their clothes. It doesn't appear to be an appropriate place for a 4 year old regardless of what he are wearing. Nevertheless, if there's a well-published dress code, then patrons should abide by it.

SarahHampton1398985653 SarahHampton1398985653 2 years

I get bringing the child to a tavern during the day for lunch or something. I've brought my children to establishments during the day that I wouldn't let them set foot in after a certain time of the evening. Regardless, kicking a 4 year old out of the restaurant for a sleeveless shirt is pretty ridiculous. Pick your battles people.

JacyBeye JacyBeye 2 years

just because a restaurant serves beer or other drinks doesnt make it a non child friendly establishment. chuck e cheese serves beer so does that mean its not a family place or fridays, chilis, black angus etc. i dont have low standards by far. though i do have low tolerance for people who behave like that. have your looked at the photos of the servers for the tavern? they at just as skimpy. the obvious issue is that the hostest and manager couldnt understand that there is a dress could for the evening when its the hoppin place to go after 7pm or whatever. i looked up their site as im not familiar with the place and they dont even state a dress code on their web site and if it was that important it would be on there.

spookymama87 spookymama87 2 years

Why should the restaurant make an exception to their policy just for them?

anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 2 years

Ridiculous! This made the news?! Rocketto needs to start reporting on more newsworthy stories instead of idiotic and inane dribble.

TerriLynnMerritts TerriLynnMerritts 2 years

You think that Hooters with a bunch of young women who come and drop their bulging cleavages on the table and who wear shorts that leaves little to the imagination is suitable for families? Your standards must be a LOT lower than mine. Phipps Plaza has been the ritzy, upscale mall of choice for the well-off seeking a classy environment,. This restaurant has a posted dress code which includes no sleeveless tank tops. The rules are posted at the entrance. This family needed to be at McDonald's close to the mall. They have no standards there.

TerriLynnMerritts TerriLynnMerritts 2 years

I grew up in Atlanta and the businesses in Phipps Plaza are expensive and exclusive. They have high standards and this includes dress codes in the restaurants. This is the reason why you don't see adult Bubbas and Bubbettes in tank tops at restaurants there. It has nothing to do with the Ninja Turtles which are not offensive. Part of the dress code there includes no tank tops or sleeveless tops.

JacyBeye JacyBeye 2 years

this is ludacris. really hes 4. yes this may not be the top pick to dice for most parents but jesus even hooters is a " family" restaurant. considering eveyone (guest/diners) in the pictures is dressed casual i say that the childs clothes were appropriate. hell the employees were casual (men) and the ladies more suggestive. i think its really sad to stoop to the level of kicking a child out of a restaurant over their shirt unless like others said its a ritzy upscale place.

CarmelaCardwell1374774425 CarmelaCardwell1374774425 2 years

I would take my daughter to this restaurant because it's not the right place for her however,how many rules for this and that...blah, blah, blah.

TrishaRands TrishaRands 2 years

Yes it is, omg.... lalala, so believed the woman they posted last week really gave birth to Jesus in her bathtub?... Ok I have a house on the moon for sale if you're interested. Ps the girl who was supposed to have been kicked out of KFC never even made appearance in the store yet it was on CNN... the restaurant in this case hasn't even responded yet....

RebeccaHall1377749833 RebeccaHall1377749833 2 years

I think it's a whole lot of nothing. All blown up and out of proportion.Whether it's a Hooters or a Hooters wanna be, if the "tavern" has a dress code, then abide by it. The shirt was not "offensive" as the article first implies, just not dress code for that particular place. They didn't run the whole family out on a rail and told never to darken their doorway again so just go to the nearest Dollar store and pick up a generic sleeved black shirt. When your done, clean it and then stuff it in a "just in case" bag and leave it in the car. I always carried a full change of clothes for each of my kids in "space bags" slid under the seats in the suburban.

HowardMillman HowardMillman 2 years

Only GOBP/teabaggers could find the Turtles offensive.

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