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Brother Catches Baby Falling From a Changing Table

Video Captures Shocking Moment Brother Saves a Baby After Falling Off the Changing Table

A 9-year-old boy is a hero for saving his baby brother, and the dramatic incident was captured on video.

Although Tila Levi didn't originally post footage from the incident because she was "embarrassed," the Florida mom later shared the shocking video to show her family's miracle and urge other parents to be grateful for every minute they have with their kids. In the clip, Tila can be seen changing her 11-month-old son's diaper when her 6-year-old son distracts her with a homework question.

Although little Eitan was originally lying on his back, as soon as his mom turns away from to the changing table, the baby rolls. He then wriggles one little leg off of the table before completely losing his balance and tumbling over the side.

In the same instant the baby is falling to the ground, his 9-year-old brother happened to be walking by the bedroom and manages to dive towards Eitan. He miraculously catches the child's head and torso before it hits the wood floor. When Tila turns back, she immediately grabs the baby and also clutches her older child with gratitude.

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