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Bus Driver Saves Toddler

Oregon Bus Driver Saves a Toddler's Life

While driving through Portland, OR, last Friday, Bill Clark saw something unusual — a small child running barefoot through the streets. The TriMet bus driver, who was driving his daily route, immediately slammed on the brakes and brought the 2-year-old back to the station.

"I just caught a glimpse of him, stopped the bus and got out to see if his parents were around — they weren't," Clark tells a local news station. "So, I picked him up and took him back to the garage." Eventually the child was reunited with his family, who had reported him missing. According to police, the boy's father had fallen asleep after working a night shift when the boy left the house.

Front Page Image Source: Flickr user Born1945

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ElizabethRiojas1390015683 ElizabethRiojas1390015683 3 years

I'm glade the baby is OK. I can only imagine how the parent's were feeling.

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